• 1838


    File factory Kuprion & Co.

    The foundation of the company happend in form of a file factory in Edenkoben.

  • 1887

    Relocation to Speyer

    Building of a new company building that is essentially still the office building today.



  • 1892


    First phone system in Speyer

    Kuprion has been one of the first companies in Speyer who got a phone system in Speyer. The phone number was 24.

  • 1916

    Kuprion GmbH

    In the year 1916 has been a generation change that went along with the modification into the Kuprion GmbH.



  • 1958


    New company strategy

    The company Kuprion focused their skills particular of metal saw blades.

  • 1962

    Ludwig Kuprion KG

    The new manager Mr. Dr. Ernst Bressler changed the company into the Ludwig Kuprion KG.



  • 1997


    6 th. Generation

    The company is leaded passionated by the 6 th. generations follower Mr. Ludwig Bressler.

  • 2022

    Ludwig Kuprion KG

    We are proud to be part of 184 years of company history.